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Yakima Crash Pad get's reviewed in one of our favourite publications - Revolution Magazine

Now you can take care of your 'Mini Truck' when you Take More Friends!

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Tony Nolan

If you’ve ever been up to Whistler or any of the main riding spots in the United States, you’ll no doubt have noticed pretty much every single car that drives past or that’s parked on the side of the road is a ute (mini truck the call ‘em!) with one of these tail pads strapped to it’s tail gate.

The trend is starting to really take off here in Oz, and for good reason, slinging your bike in the back of your ute with the front wheel perched over the tail gate is probably the easiest and most effective way to carry bikes. You can carry a sh*t load of them that way in fact! Obviously you’re not going to want to damage your ute, or your bike, and so the solution is to invest in a tail gate pad. Featured here is the Yakima offering called the Crashpad. Without being too big and bulky it’s a great size that can be easily fit to virtually any make and model of ute. The pad folds over both sides of the tail gate and is held in place via 3 nylon straps. The pad itself is constructed out of ballistic grade nylon and lined with high density foam, the Yakima Crashpad is widely considered to be the class leading tail gate bike carrying pad on the market.

Last updated: februar 28, 2014

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